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OBJECTIVE: American Government

Unit 1: Foundations of American Government

Explain the need for and importance of government. Identify the various historical theories of government:

  1. Force Theory
  2. Evolution Theory
  3. Divine-Right Theory
  4. Social Contract Theory

Compare and analyze the structure of unitary, confederation and federal governments

Compare and analyze the following political structures:

  1. Authoritarian – dictatorship, monarchy, oligarchy, totalitarian
  2. Democracy – direct, representative, parliamentary, presidential 

Describe the significance and revolutionary nature of the Declaration of Independence:

  1. colonies sought to alter and abolish an abusive monarchy 

Describe the goals and weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation:

  1. Too weak
  2. Could not tax / raise revenue
  3. Could not coin money
  4. Could not regulate trade  

Describe the basic principles upon which the US Constitution is built:

  1. consent of the governed = popular sovereignty & majority rule
  2. limited government
  3. representative democracy
  4. federalism = exclusive, concurrent and implied powers
  5. separation of powers
  6. checks and balances = Ex. Presidential veto vs Congressional override and Marbury v Madison = Supreme Court judicial review
  7. judicial review
  8. rule of law  

Explain the principles of federalism embodied in the Constitution:

  1. McCulloch v Maryland = implied powers and federal supremacy

List and describe the rights and protections provided for in the Bill of Rights (Amendments 1 – 10)

Describe the characteristics of US Representative Democracy:

  1. Individual rights
  2. Civic Duties / Responsibilities = STOP-D
  3. Limits
  4. consent of the governed
  5. popular sovereignty
  6. majority rule / minority rights protected
  7. equal protection under the law
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MSDE Access

To access the MSDE ONLINE GOVERNMENT COURSE enter the following:

User Name: Government         Password: Student        

  • Double-click on: HSA Government 2008-2009
  • On Toolbar, Double-click on: Content
  • Conduct Search (or Scroll down and double-click on) the desired topic(s) 
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Honors Research Project Timeline:

Honors US History (Periods 2 & 4):

Civic Voices International Memory Bank Project – TBA  in the near future

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Up and Coming Events

Friday, September 17 = Quiz re. Unit 1 material

Friday, September 30 = Unit 1 Benchmark:  Foundations of Government

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